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We are connecting rural India shopkeepers, manufacturers & retailers through one platform for rural development.

Our Presence

We want people to go cashless in all of the areas with the mission of successful Digital India. Our team at Countryside Express E-Store is supporting a lot of youthful Indians and is supporting Educational sponsors to the IT and Marketing niche. Another effort by us is aptitude development programs with the creation of new jobs in villages.

Our Success

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style providing a full-service solution for rural development.

We understand rural India as no one else does.

We are Countryside Express,

And our goal is to make a rural store a king. We are a technology-enabled platform that connects the dots to transform rural marketing.

Rural consumers... Rural Kirana store owners... Global brands

We bridge the gap between underserved rural consumers and create access for companies, opening the doors of the remotest villages.

What acts as a lynchpin in this process is our partners, the rural Kirana store owners. These retailers who earlier had no access to brands, and primarily depended on wholesale channels, are now turning their stores into virtual supermarkets with the Countryside Express. Because our platform connects each Kirana with the brand directly and helps the brand devise data-guided product and sales strategies.
With our unique technology, we have simplified rural distribution for brands, which was earlier broken and would limit the brand’s access to rural markets. Our platform is designed to overcome innate challenges for rural distribution and consumer engagement even in the remotest parts of the country.

Why Choose US


We help you to Create your own Online Ecommerce Shop & develop a realistic strategy with you.

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A platform to Recharge, book Holiday Packages, Train Tickets, Flight Tickets & Bus Tickets also Hotel Booking

Logistic Services

At Countryside we are committed towards timely deliveries, satisfied employees and Business Associates.


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Retail asset creation & rural marketing