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At Countryside Stores we endeavor to support our artisans not just by promoting what they make, but also by helping them with ideas and designs to innovate and create relevant craft products that appeal to changing tastes and modern preferences, to help them find wider markets.

The history of India's crafts is a story of humankind's engagement with Nature. Creative hands turn rock into objects of divinity, minerals into lamps to worship them, plants into woven textures to wear and waste materials into beautiful objects of everyday utility. For colors, the infinite use provided by nature from flowers, leaves or stones suffices. The instinctive urge to honor nature and avoid polluting it allows people with traditional wisdom to experiment with any natural resource they find around them. Even when they move to pigments and consequently brighten their expressions, their images, stories, motifs and local identities remain true to their known cultural understanding.



Different Home Decor Items

A home is what you make it! So turn the four walls of your house into a home with aesthetic decor, making it a place for memories to be born.

In India, home decoration has existed since the royal era. Palaces or mud houses, everyone loved decorating their homes back then. Home decoration plays a vital role in shaping the environment and surroundings of your home. A single change in color or lighting can affect your entire feeling. Before making a makeover at home, it is important to understand the theme you want, the decor items that will fit, and the placement of these items to prevent them from getting crowded. If classic is your taste, you can go for a traditional or vintage decor theme. You want to follow the trends, so a modern or contemporary theme is the ideal choice. Remember, your home decor expresses your personality. So, follow your heart and find a theme that speaks out your style.

Rural consumers are aspirational

Their consumption patterns are increasingly mirroring that of urban consumers. Rural consumers span across the spectrum of those who are brand conscious, experimenters and brand loyalists. A large number of rural purchases are influenced by brand image, aesthetics and functionality.

As the rural consumers and their environment evolves, these factors will be primary drivers for fueling growth in rural consumption behaviour.


Increasing Penetration of DTH, Content Consumption on Mobile


Rising Income Levels & Growing Disposable Incomes


Demand Replication due to nuclearization of Families

But, why are rural consumers underserved?

Every brand wants to connect to rural markets and consumers but are unable to due to the following factors:

  • Broken rural distribution channel: Large format stores do not exist in the ecosystem and brands’ access to kirana stores is limited.
  • Limited product availability: Since distribution is broken, making the latest and promoted products available to consumers becomes a challenge.
  • No customized offerings: Due to lack of systems, brands cannot capture consumer data like preferences and buying patterns, leading to generic offerings.
Rural Consumer

How does CountrySide Express bridge this gap?

Countryside Express E-store is our Physical store in villages from where we provide assisted E-commerce platform to the rural area residents.

At our E-commerce platform people are able to order various kinds of products like handicraft products, organic products etc. with executive’s assistance and by paying offline at our E-store thus building trust among rural areas to buy products online. Similarly people are able to avail other services like recharges, ticket bookings and paying electricity bills etc.

Similarly people from rural areas who are willing to sell their products online are provided assistance to sell products on our platform and they are able to ship their orders to their customers from our E-store itself.

E-stores are providing vast variety of products and services to the rural areas at their door step only. We positively impact the living conditions of the people living there and our assisted platform for sellers from rural areas will help people to take their business online and reach vast number of customers and thus provide employment to people in rural areas.

By this initiative we connect large population of rural India to the mainstream Digital India and increase living standards of people.

Rural India - Retail E-Store design

Approach for building a sustainable Rural Retail Ecosystem.


Rural retailers are the only way to build rural retail ecosystem


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